What is this site?

Maton guitars are some of the best in the world, and there are many unique instruments out there. This site aims to be a public catalog detailing as many of these fine instruments as possible.

The Maton Museum ( http://matonmuseum.com.au/ ) contains a lot of detail about Maton models, but not individual instruments. Rumour has it that many of Maton’s records have been lost or stolen.

This site was inspired by the Guitarsbyleo project, which has catalogued nearly 20,000 G&L guitars.

Privacy Policy

There is no big data agenda. Your personal details will never be disclosed for any reason without your consent. You choose what to publish on each of your instrument pages.

How do I get started?

Register then you will get an email from wordpress@maton.net.au (this may go into your junk / spam folder). Once registered you can add as many instruments as you like. Each instrument supports multiple images / videos / sound files and an increasing amount of detail.

So can I have a maton.net.au email address?

Well I’m not giving away email hosting. However if you ask nicely you may have an address redirected to your own email address.